• Buying Service for Korean Shopping


    Buy from any products and items from any Korean stores, Buying Service company based in Korea. We buy for you, Repack, and inspect the items and Send to You, We are ready to help you buy anything in Korea! You name it we buy for you!

  • Combine shipping


    Shop and Enjoy Korean online Shopping at any shop in Korea, We buy for you and ship to your place in Safely and Quickly, We also offer Combine Shipping Service, You can order yourself to Gmarket and other where you have own account and deliver to Here, We will make combine packing and ship to You

  • Relaible Buying Service


    Do you need easier and reliable shopping through internet ?, Pls. use our PINKBOX Korean Buying Service, You can get them in faster and safer through PINKBOX , We offer Buying Service, we,"PINKBOX" buy and ship to for you  and Combine shipping service( Forwarding Service- You can buy your self and and We, 'PINKBOX' only Combined packing and ship for you at the lowest Price. You can also enjoy the Lowest Trendy Items especially picked up by PINKBOX 

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    Buy and Enjoy Korean online Shopping at Pinkbox-We are looking for Business partner who handle Korean products with us, 

The First and Best Korean Buying Service by PINKBOX KOREA


Welcome to PINKBOX

If you are interesting in buying Korean items or need any Korean products, Use, PINKBOX.KR we buy for you and send to you, We inspect all your items and re-pack and combined all your items, We ship perfect conditions of items to you with our skillful packing way. Do you want cheaper and quality Korean items for your shop?, Use Korean discount shop service, We will arrange wholesale service for our customers.-PINKBOX.KR we will cover all Korean products , You name it, We carry-Direct Korean shopping Service company from Korea PINKBOX


Buy from any products and items from any Korean stores, Buying Service company based in Korea. We buy for you, Repack, and inspect the items and Send to You. ( we offer Forwarding, Proxy, Deputy Service ) We are ready to help you buy anything in Korea! You name it we buy for you!

You can also shop at the recommended Shop by PINKBOX- it's safer and more reliable quality Shop (You can ask buying service any all Korean online shops, not only recommended shops but also all Korean shops in Korea)

When Buying Service is needed ?

If you found Interesting Korean items in a online stores, but they don't accept your Credit card, PayPal, only accept that issued in Korea payment way or, they only deliver in Korea and you need to communicate with shops or you are not sure the shop is reliable or not, and you need to combine pack with other sellers/Shops items at a time.

Simply, Send Buying Quotation to us, PINKBOX-Solve the matter quickly for you. 

Easy steps to buy items from Korea without any difficulties.

  1. Order what you want for Buying Service HERE,  If you want to use discount shop service-Join us. We also recommend join customers for Buying service to pinkbox.kr for you delivery address.
  2. Wait our reply... Quote(PayPal fee included) and information of your order will be given within 1hour.
  3. Confirm Order and pay with your PayPal(via Credit Card) after check your quotation.
  4. We buy for you and our staff will send you shipment detail once all items ready.
  5. Confirm shipping and enjoy Tracking !


Why many people use PINKBOX Service?

Open to All
Using Service in PINKBOX is easy and free quotation for all customers, we are open to all customers and offer free quotation for Buying service and Shipping(Combined packing ship) service, you don't need to join to get quotations or using our Service.

All risk, regarding to Shops(included not recommended by pinkbox) We will take the risk for our customers, we will handle it with local law against illegal shops such as fraud, swindle, trick, You can refer to illegal fraud shops HERE

Fast and Easy process
You can contact order request that is based mailing system, we will get our reply within a hour to your mail in our operating hour.( If you missed it, Pls. check your spam folder)

PINKBOX offers cheapest service fee which included PayPal fee, and handling 3 kinds International delivery methods EMS, AIRMAIL, SAR, You can choose one of them for your Buying Service. We also same time order, if you accept the quotation with your payment, we will order same time and proceed your buying service order quickly, so, you can save your budget and time.

PINKBOX, we are the frontier of this buying service field founded 2003 located in Korea, and we're also registered Company.

Korean Buying and shipping service

 * If you selected Shipping method, then, only one payment step will be made, above is reference of the selected shipping methods & charge later in quotation" 


Sorting, Packing and shipping Service
-Combine shipping Service

We offer Korean Local Warehouse for your own shopping at Gmarket and other Shops where available you can make order directly !
Customers, you can make an order easily by yourself in Gmarket, Yes24, Wevereshop and any other Shops and sellers where you can make your account and shop and payment, and use your ware-office in Korea offered by PINKBOX. ( Order first and Payment with shipment) You can use Korean local place as your own delivery place, or office that you can ask your sellers/shops to deliver to local place here. More detail, pls. click Here

When Combine Service is needed ?

Customers, you can make an order easily by yourself at Gmarket or yes24, and other online store(shop)where you can make your own account and shop with your payment, and use your ware-office or Warehouse in Korea offered by PINKBOX. (Order first and Payment with shipment)

Simply, Send Combine Service request to us, PINKBOX-Solve the matter quickly for you. 

Simply, Steps

  1.  You made your order to your seller/Shops and ship to Korean warehouse here.
  2.  Local tracking number will be given to you from sellers/shops when the order start to deliver to PINKBOX 
  3. Sumbit Combine shipping service request in Pinkbox website,
  4. Pinkbox, we will pick up your package(s) and take them picture and send you and pack them into one box or more
  5. You can pay the shipping service charge
  6. Shipment with tracking number.Easy steps to buy items from Korea without any difficulties.

FOR More detail and Condition, Pls. Click here

PINKBOX Korean Combine Service

Enjoy reliable quality and service by PINKBOX.