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The Best Korean Buying Service PINKBOX, You are using Korean First and Best Buying service now.

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Item : Buying Service

Date : 18-Dec.

Total Item : 2

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You can also check your quotation image here ( pls. click for enlarge image of your quote), and your Price( without Shipping charge)-You can only do choose Shipping methods and Charge Clicking "Add to cart" to next. 

* This PO Product page only available 48hours

* Shipping method & cost will be fixed to " Pay later" by us, If you order item is not marked actual gross weight by seller/Shop, or not easy to estimate gross weight, or mixed multi items.

Shipping & Handling

Shipping method :  EMS (Express Mail Service), AirMail, SAR(No AR(Advise of delivery by Your country post office) Service), " Pay later" for shipping charge with buyers Charge. ( Pay later- We will measure your all items actual weight and let you know Shipping charge once all your items arrived here for shipment)
Shipment destiny :  Whole country that covered by Korean carrier
Shipping cost : Shipping rates used for each purchase weight different with countries and methods.
Delivery time : Your items will be dispatched within 5~7 business days for Buying service
Estimated shipping time(From Korea to Your place) : EMS Shipping 2~5 business days with tracking number, Air Mail(SAR) Shipping 9-14 business days with tracking number
One day delivery is not available.
Please take into consideration that the products of your order may be unavailable or delayed in manufacturing due to conditions of materials or manufacturer.

Shipping Policy and Plan ;

Your package will be marked as "GIFT" and,  with a proper value for customs declaration, if you have or want any specific value for your package, pls. let us know.

Basically, your package will be dispatched 5~7 business days after your payment cleared, other case, items status will be updated ( some of items can be delayed due to the suppliers or items conditions)
Sold out items in the middle of ordering, reported and refunded to you with sold out notice quickly.
Added items in same PO will be not effected on service fee, over 24hours additional order will be considered as separate PO,but, could be shipped combine as request.

Buying Service Handling Fees

PINKBOX applies the following service fees to buying service orders.( Korean Won( herein krw))

Handling Fee 13.5% for Total Amount,  if your total amount is less KRW 70,000 Handling Fee is KRW 9,500 as Minimum Fee
Shipping ChargeShipping will be charged when all shopping items arrived and packed after measuring actual weight.  Pls. refer Shipping charge rate here.