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Combine Shipping Service by PINKBOX
Combine Shipping Service by PINKBOX Combine Shipping Service by PINKBOX

Combine Shipping Service(PBS102930-4 of 8)

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10 package packed into 8 Boxes- 4th. BOX 

Shipping to : France

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We will sort and check according to your Request that you submitted, Handling fee included Shipping charge. 
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Data sheet

Requested Total Packages QTYTotal 10 packages into 8Boxes ( 4th. Box)
Customs DeclarationGift
Customs Content Type30 Music Album ( Ateez :16 , Stray kids : 14), 3 slogan
Customs ValueUS$40.00
Any Comment4of 8

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Combine Shipping Service fee ;

(Shipping fee + 8.5%(Handling fee(PayPal fee)+US$2.5(Storage fee) / each seller(Package)

Storage fee :

If you order 3 items from one seller(shop) at Gmarket (or, YES24.) or any available shops that you can make your own account and shop with your payment way, the seller(shop) will deliver 3 items in one carton box or plastic bag, this your 3 items order from one seller(shop) is "one" package q'ty- It means Your Total order package q'ty for Shipping service is "1" (Your storage fee is US$2.5)
If you order 10 items from two shops, 7 items from 1 seller(shop), the rest items from other shop, this case, it may 2 packages and  Total order package q'ty is "2" (Your storage fee is US$5.00)

Shipping :

EMS Rate is fixed by Korean post office and AirMail(Air Parcel)Rate (You can refer to HERE)

Handling fee :

Handling fee(PayPal fee) is 8.5% of shipping fee only, added to shipping charge (EMS Shipping based(If you use EMS or AirMail) or Air courier based(If you use Air courier such as DHL/Fedex/UPS)

PACKING WAYS and All Risk : 

Basically, we will not touch original packing. only we removed carton Box(Cardboard box), the reasons are 1) Stained and damaged in local delivery  2) to reduce volume(size) of combined packing box. - We only replace damaged outer box to new one-we can not open or touch your contents. so, we are not responsible for missing, or broken something(check the picture carefully, if you want, let us know before packing, we will take photo more detail ), we only follow the combine request contents and customs value you submitted only.  do not order fragile items such as glass or ceramic items as combine shipping service, we cannot responsible for any damage in delivery , especially Sea mail delivery, it could be a problem(even hard packing, no avoid damage in delivery, so, recommend clothes or not fragile items) - we need your information about your order before shipment in case of fragile items.      

Pinkbox not responsible for the shopping goods,items,merchandise,which chosen by customers and any taxes,or other fees that may be imposed by import county when your order reaches
Pinkbox offer online buying and inspection service for customers,(Buying merchandise for customer's required website in Korea, Inspection for real existence, scammer of customer's required website)
Pinkbox respect for customer's taste and selection of merchandise, we, therefore, inspect the quality with color,design that confirmed merchandise by customers and remarkable defects on the merchandise(holes,broken parts), remarkable defects on the merchandise will be reported to customers before shipment.
Pinkbox has no obligation to take a return your merchandise, we offer mainly buying service for customer, all responsible for quality of the merchandise which different color/Size caused by computer screen or missed information by Shops are customer's side.
Pinkbox are not responsible for merchandise which selected by customers, We,therefore,need our customers to have a serious understanding of merchandise in the online shopping sites., Customers can ask and inquiry any question related your merchandise to Pinkbox, Pinkbox will give you information and detail for your merchandise from the shop master or descriptions in the pointed website by customers