Korean Buying Service

We offer simple way to place order for our overseas customers

Customers, you can make an order easily and comfortably at any place through Internet website " PINKBOX". All you have to do is Just take a step by step, following below table, and got your wanted Products(goods) within 7~12 business days. You can choose any products at any Korean shops, or, use our reliable recommend Shops in here(Korean recommended shops by Pinkbox- We gathered reliable and quality products shops and will be posted more soon).

How “PINKBOX Buying service” works ?

1.Click the "PINKBOX-BUYING SERVICE" and Choose the your favorite items in any shops in Korea.You can view reliable and recommended shops by PINKBOX in each category shop
2.If you found your favorite items ar any Korean Shop, copy the products(items) URL and Q'ty Color and Size into the Buying quotation and send.
3.Our staff will check the items in the shops and will reply you via e-mail with estimation quotation for you.
4.If you agree with the quotation, Pls. proceed your order ( PO. Number and Your Payment URL will be given to you with quotation)- You can choose Shipping methods EMS / AIRMAIL/SAR/ Shipping charge later (* if you chose "Shipping charge later"- Shipping will be charge once all your items arrived here with actual weight)
5.Our staff will buy your items at same time with your payment.
6.We’ll repack properly for international shipping once all your items arrived here.
7. We will ship and send you Tracking number.
7-1.We will send you Shipping charge Payment URL- if you choose " Shipping charge later"

*Shipping could be fixed only " Shipping charge later" in case of  the items that you want to buy are not listed actual weight in their product pages, or, need to be measured for weight, not easy to estimate weight.

 Korean buying service

Korean shopping easier with pinkbox




How to fill out "BUYING SERVICE REQUEST" ?



Your quotation will be given to you quickly through your email with PDF quotation attached, If you accept this Quotation, you can proceed your next Step, Click the URL for your order(will be sent same email), or Type your PO number at the search bar at the top of website.

You can also find your Quotation in Your PO.Number product page.


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3.Order proceed & Handling

You can click the URL link or find the PO number, You can find the same price with your quote, You can add to cart and check and find the best shipping way.Buying Pinkbox Korea

* You can find and check your Quotation at Your Po.number Product page, You can click and enlarge to view

ORDER STATUS :  We will let you know Update your Order status after pass 5 business days through Your mail or You can find it your order history, will be Updated whenever your items status change ( Basically, all order, except Custom or Pre_order, will be ready for Shipment within 5 Business days) 

4.Shipping Charge and Shipment

Shipping methods & fee will be shown in your cart, You choose the best way for shipment.

If you choosed the shipping methods and charge later- we will let you know shipping fee later by sending shipping invoice, once all your items arrived here with actual weight. Please, Refer this Link for more learn about "Shipping methods and charge later Shipping charge before shipment)

Shipping Methods and delivery 

Shipping method :  EMS (Express Mail Service), AirMail, SAR with buyers Charge.
Shipment destiny :  Whole countries that covered by Korean carrier
Shipping cost : Shipping rates used for each purchase weight different with countries and methods. Pls. check Shipping cost
Delivery time : Your items will be dispatched within 5~10 business days for Buying service.
Estimated shipping time(From Korea to Your place) : EMS Shipping 2~5 business days with tracking number, AirMail(SAR) Shipping 9-14 business days with tracking number
One day delivery is not available.
Please take into consideration that the products of your order may be unavailable or delayed in manufacturing due to conditions of materials or manufacturer.

Shipping will be charged when all items arrived here, and send you Shipping cost with available methods( DHL/fedex (No selectable Shipping brand)  / EMS / AIRMAIL / SAR ), You can choose the best way for you- All Methods are given Tracking number.

-DHL/Fedex : 2~ 5 Business dsays (Except 1Business days local posting to Air courier Agent)

-EMS : 2~5 Business days in Normal situation

-AIRMAIL : 9~14 Business days in Normal situation

-SAR : 9~14 Business days ( Limited Weight(less 2 kgs) and packing size (less 60 cm) -No Advice of delivery notice service by your local delivery system


Exchange / Return / Refund

Replacement or/and return of goods may not be accepted for this service business type, but, in case, you can ask replace or refund for default on products which included defectives on products, such as hole, broken, etc., with different with your original order in different size( on the place, way of measurement, there are 1~2 cm tolerance) , and design, much different color ( colors may appear different each screen),. Our customer service will shortly contact you upon checking on your request.
Please make sure you have selected right options(e.g. size, color and quantity) prior to completing the order.
Once the order is completed, it is assumed that the customer agreed on our exchange/refund policy.
Requests for exchange/refund are accepted only if the requests are made within 7 days of the date of receipt and the ordered goods are significant difference with your original order.
For replacement, please specify the cause and your intent of replacement and apply for replacement to the customer service.
if there is a problem on the goods or in the case of replacement or return of goods by any mistake of PINKBOX, the delivery fees shall be borne by PINKBOX.
In the case of faulty goods, only replacement to the same size and/or same color is accepted, but, we are not sure its available, we will refund you in case of out of stock.



How is working Buying service system?

If you found your interesting products at any Korean online shops, You can send Quotation request, then, we will send you Quotation, if you accept the Quotation with Payment, You All order is placed at same time with your payment by PINKBOX, and prepare for International shipping, after Inspection and re-packing for international shipment. ( *package will be dispatched 5~10 business days after your payment cleared, other case, items status will be updated ( some of items can be delayed, due to the suppliers or items conditions)

If you choose one of Shipping methods, We send you quotation included Shipping charge, Pay once

 Korean buying service flow

If you choose "Shipping methods & charge late" We send you quotation without Shipping charge and shipping cost will be charged once all your items arrived here with actual weight" ( You can choose Shipping methods and charge )-Pay 2 times

 Korean buying Proxy service flow

Service fee Policy and Plan ;

Your package will be marked as "GIFT" and, mark some proper value for customs declaration, if you have or want any specific value for your package, pls. let us know.

Basically, your package will be dispatched 5~10 business days after your payment cleared, other case, items status will be updated ( some of items can be delayed due to the suppliers or items conditions)
Sold out items in the middle of ordering, reported and refunded to you with sold out notice quickly.
Added items in same PO will be not effected on service fee, over 24 hours additional order will be considered as separate PO,but, could be shipped combine as request.

Buying Service Handling Fees

PINKBOX applies the following service fees to buying service orders.( Korean Won( herein krw))

Handling Fee 15% for Total Amount,  if your total amount is less KRW 100,000 Handling Fee is KRW 15,000 as Minimum Fee
Shipping ChargeShipping will be charged when all shopping items arrived and packed after measuring weight.  Pls. refer Shipping charge rate here.
 Charged heavier one between weight and volume size ( changed 15th.Dec.2020 by Korean post office)

* EMS : 3~5 businee days, AirMail : 9~14 business days, SAR : 9~14 business days- You can choose best shipping method for you           
* Currency convert rate : PayPal exchange rate + PayPal fee included / Handling fee KRW15,000 for less 100,000KRW as Minimum Amount,            
* No return and refund and replacement as buying service policy, except defects on the items from original orders.            
* All risk : Missing, Return of importation prohibited, Unknown, Refused, Gone away, Unclaimed of buyer side.

Pinkbox not responsible for the shopping goods,items,merchandise,which chosen by customers and any taxes,or other fees that may be imposed by import county when your order reaches
Pinkbox offer online buying and inspection service for customers,(Buying merchandise for customer's required website in Korea, Inspection for real existence, scammer of customer's required website)
Pinkbox respect for customer's taste and selection of merchandise, we, therefore, inspect the quality with color,design that confirmed merchandise by customers and remarkable defects on the merchandise(holes,broken parts), remarkable defects on the merchandise will be reported to customers before shipment.
Pinkbox has no obligation to take a return your merchandise, we offer mainly buying service for customer, all responsible for quality of the merchandise which different color/Size caused by computer screen or missed information by Shops are customers's side.
Pinkbox are not responsible for merchandise which selected by customers, We,therefore,need our customers to have a serious understanding of merchandise in the online shopping sites., Customers can ask and inquiry any question related your merchandise to Pinkbox, Pinkbox will give you information and detail for your merchandise from the shop master or descriptions in the pointed website by customers

ORDER STATUS :  You can check your order Status at your account -we will update when your items arrived here until all item arrived here for shipment. (If you are not a member, we will let you know through your mail)