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Combine Shipping Service

We offer Warehouse for your own shopping at Korean online shop/stores.

Customers, you can make an order easily by yourself at Gmarket or yes24, and other online store(shop)where you can make your own account and shop with your payment, and use your ware-office or Warehouse in Korea offered by PINKBOX. (Order first and Payment with shipment)

You can use our Combine shipping service - mostly many Korean online shop accept overseas Card, or PayPal through their payment system, and you can make your account, joining their shop/store easily- and ?  Do you buy only one item from only one shop ?, or,  You want buy from many shops, but, You may worry about  too much shipping charges from each shops ... and how about the terrible packing so, damages, and broken and wrong items,, OMG~ WHAT SHALL I DO.

Recommend Pinkbox Combine shipping Service for you.

All you have to do is Just take a step by step, following below table, and got your items combined package.
You can use Korea local place as your own delivery place, or office that you can ask your sellers/shops to Korea local delivery to here under your name. (Do not use no-registered Local delivery post, in case, we can not pick up your packages properly, Pls. use registered post ), Many case for posting small items, seller, they will use no registered letter but, it's risky, so, ask the seller to post registered one.


How “PINKBOX Combine Shipping service” works ?

1.Make your own orders to specific Shops/Sellers with you accounts, and ask them to make local deliver to your Korea Local place Here
2.You can view Your Korean Local place in below.
3.You can send "combine shipping service request" after or before your make order with your self.
4.Our staff in PINKBOX prepare Your Po. Number and arrange for your Combine shipping request as requested-PO. Number will be given to you after accept your Request.
5.Your PO number product will be updated of status( We will upload pictures whenever your packages arrived here) include weight and shipping cost with Handling fee.
6.You can make the payment, if your order are completed for shipment. ( Refer to 3.VIEW your Price and Payment for Shipment)
7.We will ship the package with your payment clearance..

* We are not involved your transactions with your shops(Gmarkets or others)- You order by your self, We 'PINKBOX' only offer Local place and combined shipping , therefore, we don't know the value and contents, so that, You should let us know Customs Value for your items or Contents name in roughly.  

All you have to do is Just take a step by step, following below table, and got your items within 7~12 business days

Easy step for Korean buying

Korean combined packing and shipping

Pinkbox warehouse

Combine shipping Service


What is “PINKBOX Warehouse” address and How can i use ?

We're offering Below WareHouse where you can use your local place in Korea for Combine shipping service, pls. refer to below
We recommend you to copy and paste below Korean address if possible. and add to your shop's address book in your Shops(Gmarket, Yes24 and more)

Korean for your local office; (Pls. Copy below and paste in your Gmarket or available any shop such as Yes24, stylenanda, shoemakker... )

Zip code : 50625
경상남도 양산시 양주로 154(중부동, 대동황토방아파트) 104동 302호
Phone : 010 4735 3449
To: Your name

* Not easy to make or add Korean address to your add. book?,Pls. let me know your ID/Password- Pls. let us know, We will simply make for you. 

English for your local office;
(If possible, pls. write/leave this memo "중부동대동@104동302호" in your ordering seller/shops memo(note) page for local delivery man here)

Zip code : 50625
302, 104dong, Daedong Apt.,154, Yangju-ro, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
Phone : 010 4735 3449
To : Your name

* Price based on Package quantities, if your one seller sent separated 2 packages, this is considered as 2 packages= 2* US$2.5
* If partial out of stock from sellers notice, it will be proceed with partial out of stock.
* If you have any problem with adding to your shop's address book pls. let us know
* We can not make help to join to non-international Korean shop, because, they are not support International payment.

 How can i add Korea Local Warehouse Address to my Address book ?

Most of Korean sites using Similar Way to add New address, pls. check and follow this way.

Pinkbox Korea Local delivery address



Customers, you will find Shipping Service page in PINKBOX, You can add Your order package Quantities( Package Quantity is Your order package, if you order some items in one shop, the items will be delivered one package, so, our price based on package, Quantity is "1" ) this Quantity is similar with shops/sellers quantity.

Korean Forwarding Shipping service

Korean combined shipping service

2.VIEW your Status of order

* PO. Number will be given to your mail box, after accept your order request. You can find your order status typing your PO Number at the Categories, or Search bar at the top.

Buying Proxy service from Korea Pinkbox PO


3.VIEW your Price and Payment for Shipment


Quantity :   If you want ship them out with payment- You can see Actual arrived from your sellers Packages at "Total Packages Arrived" You can proceed step by step as following.

* Each countries have import size of EMS/AIRMAIL Packing Sizes- we will follow the Rules.

1. Quantity means Combined Packing Box, (if you made 4 packages and they can be all packed one combined Box, US$2.50 X 4 Package boxes = TOTAL $ 10.00)-If you ordered packages too much to pack into one Combine box, You can refer to below 3-1)

2. Add to cart and choose Your shipping methods.

3. Make Payment for Shipment.

Total Package Arrived : Actual arrived your packages Quantity at Pinkbox warehouse at present

( You can find and see what's arrived at the arrived pictures label below) 

Customs Declaration : same requested

Customs Content : same requested

Customs Value : same requested

Category : Reference of Pinkbox

Pinkbox Combine Service for single box

3-1.VIEW your Price and Payment for Shipment


QuantityWe will report you, in case that your packages are too heavy or too many to make one box, and We will make possible boxes for shipping and let you know- You can proceed step by step as following.

* Each countries have import size of EMS/AIRMAIL Packing Sizes- we will follow the Rules.

1. We will give you Packing boxes URLs and Boxes quantities, Each Boxes set the Quantity 1 Fixed (ex. even if Total Packages Arrived is 4 or over, Always set "1") 

2. Add to each cart and choose Your shipping methods for each your boxes.

3. Make Payments for Each Shipments.

Total Package Arrived : Actual arrived your packages Quantity at Pinkbox warehouse at present

( You can find and see what's arrived at the arrived pictures label below) 

Customs Declaration : same requested-each boxes same

Customs Content : same requested-each boxes same

Customs Value : same requested- each boxes same

Category : Reference of Pinkbox

pinkbox combine shipping for multi

Shipping & Handling

Shipping method :  EMS. AirMail, You can choose one of them.
Shipment destiny :  Whole countries that covered by Korean carrier
Shipping cost : Shipping rates used for each purchase weight different with countries and methods.
Delivery time : Your items will be dispatched within 5~10 business days for Shipping service.
Estimated shipping time(From Korea to Your place) : EMS Shipping 2~5 business days with tracking number, AirMail Shipping 9-14 business days with tracking number
One day delivery is not available.
Please take into consideration that the products of your order may be unavailable or delayed in manufacturing due to conditions of materials or manufacturer.


Exchange / Return / Refund

Replacement or/and return of goods You can contact the sellers(shops)you made order.
We only check your items q'ty in your packages, we will not do strict inspection on your items, if we found critical damaged items in repacking, we will report you. ( If you want return, we will assist you) 


* Inspection Service

If you want Inspection Service before packing and shipment, Our inspection Team will check each items strictly and report you before shipment. but, Inspection fee will be charged.

Combine Shipping Service fee ;

(Shipping fee + 4.5%(PayPal fee)) +US$2.5(handling fee) / each seller(Package)

Handling fee :
If you order 3 items from one seller(shop) at Gmarket(YES24.) or any available shops that you can make your own account and shop with your payment way, the seller(shop) will deliver 3 items in one carton box or plastic bag, this your 3 items order from one seller(shop) is "one" package q'ty- It means Your Total order package q'ty for Shipping service is "1" (Your handling fee is US$2.5)
If you order 10 items from two shops, 7 items from 1 seller(shop), the rest items from other shop, this case, it may 2 packages and  Total order package q'ty is "2" (Your handling fee is US$5.00)


Shipping :

EMS Rate is fixed by Korean post office and AirMail(Air Parcel)Rate (You can refer to HERE)


PayPal fee :

PayPal fee is 4.5% only will be added to shipping charge( EMS Shipping based)


AIRMAIL is dispatched on the condition of all risk owned by Buyer.           
All risk : Missing, Return of importation prohibited, Unknown, Refused, Gone away, Unclaimed of buyer side.         
If customer want us to resend the returned packaged, should be paid return charges.

Pinkbox not responsible for the shopping goods,items,merchandise,which chosen by customers and any taxes,or other fees that may be imposed by import county when your order reaches
Pinkbox offer online buying and inspection service for customers,(Buying merchandise for customer's required website in Korea, Inspection for real existence, scammer of customer's required website)
Pinkbox respect for customer's taste and selection of merchandise, we, therefore, inspect the quality with color,design that confirmed merchandise by customers and remarkable defects on the merchandise(holes,broken parts), remarkable defects on the merchandise will be reported to customers before shipment.
Pinkbox has no obligation to take a return your merchandise, we offer mainly buying service for customer, all responsible for quality of the merchandise which different color/Size caused by computer screen or missed information by Shops are customers's side.
Pinkbox are not responsible for merchandise which selected by customers, We,therefore,need our customers to have a serious understanding of merchandise in the online shopping sites., Customers can ask and inquiry any question related your merchandise to Pinkbox, Pinkbox will give you information and detail for your merchandise from the shop master or descriptions in the pointed website by customers