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Estimate Cost Calculator for Buying Service

Items Amount : You can put your items amount, if you want to buy from several Shops, you can get them together and make total items amount in KRW(Korean Won)

Country : Your delivery country, different Shipping fee each Countries.

Total weight : You can guess Your items approximate weight,
Ex) Chiffon Blouse is 0.18~0.25kgs and Jeans 0.80~1.25kgs, Small leather bag 0.90~1.50kgs, Shoes 0.90~1.30kgs, Book(A4 size less 400 pages- 1.25kg)~2kgs, * Korean Paper is heavier than other country, because, stone powder included in paper, Jacket ( Leather rider jacket 1.80kgs, Padding jacket - 1~1.50kgs, CD 1pcs(J.CASE)-0.20kgs, denim Shorts- 0.50~0.80kgs, T-shrt(Half slve.)-0.25~0.45kg, long slve.- 0.30~0.50kgs. Knit items(poly made)-Top : 0.8~1.30kgs, (Cotton Knit)-Top : 0.6~0.8kgs, Long bold knit- 1.35~1.60kgs....

Click Estimate, then, you can find your Payable Amount at same time.

Estimate Calculator with AirMail delivery ?, check below

Estimate Calculator with SAR delivery ?,

Sorry, SAR is only for less 2 kgs, and less 90 cm of Package Size- not easy to guess, but, you can refer to Here for Shipping(SAR) fee, and remember, SAR is not offer A.R Service( Advise of Delivery) : We offer Tracking number, but, most of case, they are found in your post box without any advises of delivery from your post office or delivery when the package imported in Your country.