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We are specialized buying service company founded 2003, based in South Korea, our goal is free trading without borders worldwide.
We offer, Buying service, Forwarding(Combine Shipping) service and other service to our customers in the world.

  • Offer reliable and trust able Shopping service(Buying service)
  • Offer Local reliable place to assist your self ordering(Combine shipping service)
  • Best customer service
  • Best inspection and packing
  • We use 3 Shipping methods- DHL/Fedex, EMS, AIRMAIL, SAR ( You can choose one of them)

We "PINKBOX" have been handling reliable quality service to customers over the worldwide since 2003, PINKBOX do our utmost to satisfy our customers


Buying Service

We buy Items for you and Ship to your place.

1. Choose any items in Korea online shop( if the item is not available online, the items are on live market- we will search)

2. Send Buying Quotation request, We will check and let you know Total Amount with our quotation.

3. If you accept our quotation, you can pay the Amount on Quotation through PayPal or Credit card(via PayPal no PayPal account)

4. We will proceed with your order at same time with your payment clearance, and let you know your order status and inspect, repacking when all your order arrived here.

5. We send your Tracking number with Shipment.

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Korean buying service

Forwarding(Combine Shipping)Service 

Buy your items with your own account and forward to PinkBox warehouse, We will make combined packing and Ship to you.

1. Do you have Gmarket account or other Korean online shop, where they accept overseas payment ? or, if any shop they offer oversea payment and account, if yes, You can use this Shipping service, or, if you have account similar shop, yes, you can

2. Finished your order at your shop(Gmarket or other shops)-You can order "only Korean domestic delivery" and add our warehouse place to your address book.

3. Send Combine shipping Request, we will arrange your space in warehouse. and When packages arrive in here warehouse, we'll take a photo and send you an email. Useful when expecting multiple packages. You can check the label to see what's arrived. ( We put your packages as they are,( if your packages are sent by plastic bag, or small carton box, we will pack them as they are, but, sent by big carton box or damaged carton box, we will removed the carton boxes-all your items packed with label Tags)

4. We will combine all your items and make them one package and measure your actual weight and send you Combine shipping Invoice, you can choose shipping method.

5. You can pay the Invoice through PayPal and We will ship to your place.

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   Combine Shipping service 


Simple buying way


  • Recommend Shops : You can order request at any shops in Korea, and you also refer reliable recommended Shops by PinkBox for Buying Service.
  • Featured Shopping Items : We picked up and uploaded best quality and price items from you from on/off store from Korea .
  • Buying Service Estimate Calculator : You can estimate your cost for Buying Service.

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