We offer Simple way to place BUYING SERVICE for our overseas customers !
Customers, you can make an Buying Service order easily and comfortably at anyplace through Internet website " PINKBOX". All you have to do is Just Send Buying Request and Check and confirm on your Quotation and We will buy and send your order to your place within 7~10bussiness days.-You Start Buying Service request from Here-Shop Now

How to fill out "BUYING SERVICE REQUEST" ?

Your Name : Tell us Your Name please, Nick name is Okay
E-mail : We will send our Quotation through your Email, Pls. check carefully, ( if you did not received any quotation within 1hours, pls.check Your spam fold)
Delivery Country : Your country where the international package ship to ( If you can not your country, Pls. contact us)

Shipping Charge & Methods : You can find your best Shipping methods & Cost at your Cart in next Step. You can select (DHL/Fedex> EMS > AirMail > SAR , DHL/Fedex fastest options),or, decide later

If you selected shipping methods ( Your Shipping charge will be included in your Cart)

If you select Shipping methods & charge later ( You can choose Shipping methods later when all your items arrived and packed - Shipping cost will be given to you separately, so, you can choose and Pay for Shipping charge before international shipment)

*Shipping will be fixed only " Shipping charge later" if the items that you want to buy are not listed actual weight in their product pages, or, need to be measured for weight, not easy to estimate weight.

Contents : You can paste items URL and Qty, Color and Size ( ex., it is important)

shoes.html , QTY 2, Color Black, Size 245 )


* Shipping cost based on items weight (EMS, Air Mail(Registered Air Parcel), SAR(Registered Air Mail)- You can choose best shipping method or pay later in next Step.

* Handling fee is 15% for total Items Price and KRW15,000 for less 100,000KRW as Minimum Amount.

* Currency convert rate : PayPal exchange rate + PayPal fee included.

* No return and refund and replacement as buying service policy, except defects on the items from original orders.

Click submit button that mean you have read and agree to the conditions listed above, If you do not agree with any such modification, you must click the cancel button-If you are using smartphone, you can pull the screen with finger for full screen.

How is working Korean domestic system?

All order is placed same time with your payment by PINKBOX, and prepare for International shipping(Included Combine shipping), after Inspection and re-packing for international shipment. ( *package will be dispatched 5~10 business days after your payment cleared, other case, items status will be updated ( some of items can be delayed, due to the suppliers or items conditions)

Korean Buying Service from Korea