We offer Warehouse for your own shopping at Gmarket or YES24 and other!

Customers, you can make an order easily by yourself at Gmarket or yes24,where you can make your own account and shop with your payment, and use your ware-office or Warehouse in Korea offered by PINKBOX. (Order first and Payment with shipment) You can use Korean local place as your own delivery place, or office that you can ask your sellers/shops to Korea local delivery.
You Start Combined packing Shipping Service request from Here, Order Now


NAME : Tell us Your Name please, Should be same with Recipient
E-MAIL : Your Email and Same with your account email at our Website(You can check your order status)
TOTAL ORDER PACKAGE : Pls. put your sellers(Shops) Qty from Gmarket, or Some your shops, Each sellers send the items putting one plastic( or carton box) package, - Our Price is made on the Packages Qty base, ( ex. You can put Qty 3 in total order Qty, if you order 3 sellers(shops) any items)
CUSTOMS CONTENT TYPE : Set your package content, such as Books, Clothes, Music album...less 4 types, we will write on your package for customs clearance.
CUSTOMS DECLARATION : You can choose one of Options ( Sample, Gift, Merchandise)- Different Taxes could be imposed by importing country. Check your tariff policy.
CUSTOMS VALUE : Pls. let us know your package value for your customs clearance only USD, such as US$40.00 or US$80.00, We will write on your package for customs clearance.
SHIPPING METHODS : You can choose now, or later-Packing way could be different and could be delayed for packing (different weight, Size for each shipping methods)
LOCAL TRACKING NUMBER / OTHER REFERENCE : If you already have a Local tracking numbers You can let us know, or simple information about your items for our reference.

PACKING WAYS : Basically, we will not touch original packing. only we removed carton Box(Cardboard box), the reasons are 1) Stained and damaged in local delivery  2) to reduce volume(size) of combined packing box. - there are no clean boxes arrived here to warehouse, as you can see below picture. so that we removed outbox and replace carton box and tapping all around the box for prevent more damages in overseas delivery. do not order fragile items such as glass or ceramic items as combine shipping service, we can not responsible for any damage in delivery , especially Sea mail delivery, it could be a problem(even hard packing, no avoid damage in delivery, so, recommend clothes or not fragile items) - we need your information about your order before shipment in case of fragile items.

SENDING PHOTOS : We take some photos on arrived and ready for shipping items, and open the carton boxes and inside of the boxes, not offer each detail photos. If you think, all your order arrived, please, let us know, or we found all of Your total order quantities arrived we take them pictures and send you and starting to packing for shipment.    


How “PINKBOX Combine Shipping service” works ?

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